Do you want to live off the grid but don't know where to begin?

Is the overload of information on the internet overwhelming your brain?

Do you want straightforward knowledge that provides you with direct answers and a game plan?

Then check this out.....

ultimate guide to off grid living for beginners

My latest eBook, Ultimate Guide to Off Grid Living for Beginners, is all about teaching you how to go off grid by providing you with direct information to begin your homesteading journey without overloading you with too much information. 

I break down the the most important facets of living off the grid into digestible chunks of information. The book is thorough with over 50,000 words spanning 200 pages and is complete with images, diagrams, and tables. This will give you enough information to build your homesteading knowledge but not overwhelm you with too much information. 

I understand this because I was once a novice homesteader. I had a really hard time with all the bits and pieces of information that was out there, so I had to research for countless hours to put together an off grid game plan. Even then, I struggled once I took the plunge into homesteading. 

I often found myself thinking, "Man, I wish I had known this before I went off the grid." I learned a ton of lessons on the fly and it helped me to become resilient to change and adapt to failed attempts. However, it would have really helped me if I had a cohesive body of knowledge to help guide me through the waters of living off grid. 

I wrote this book to help you eliminate blind spots when starting your off grid journey. Although I cannot eliminate all of them, I can help you navigate through the biggest challenges and prepare you with information so you have the confidence and knowledge to succeed. 

What you will learn in this book:

What Off Grid Living is All About

How to Plan and Prepare for Homesteading

Finding the Right Property

Alternative Energy Systems

Off Grid Water System Building

Building Your Shelter

Gardening and Husbandry

Homestead Waste Management

The regular price of my eBook is $13.99 which is about the average price of a fast food meal in America these days. So for the price of a burger, fries, and drink, you can empower your life with invaluable knowledge of living independent from the system by learning how to become self-sufficient. 

However, I am offering a limited time discount of 25% bringing the price down to about $10. You can't beat that price with a stick! Just use the coupon code listed below but hurry because it does expire soon!

Limited Time 25% Off Coupon Code: YOURSUPPORTCOUNTS

Make sure to enter the code into the coupon field in the checkout process!
Regina with off grid water tank

I just want you to know that when you purchase this book, you are helping me out to keep working on Rustic Skills. I work hard to provide you with a bounty of information on homesteading, off grid living, and being more independent from the system. 

I appreciate your support! 

ultimate guide to off grid living for beginners

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