Regina Cal harvesting strong grasses for primitive basket weaving, a survival skill.

Harvesting strong grasses for basket weaving.  

Welcome to Rustic Skills! 

Learning, Preserving, and Teaching Self-Sufficiency and Forgotten Skills. 

I am Regina Cal, the creator of Rustic Skills. I live off grid on 30 acres in southeastern Arizona. My goal is to help you become more self-sufficient through homesteading, off grid living, and learning primitive survival skills. I also believe in being responsible about our natural resources and conserving our wild spaces through sustainable practices such as water conservation, permaculture practices, and using natural building materials for structures. 

As our society becomes more reliant on critical resources such as water, food, electricity, and shelter, we become more vulnerable if these resources are ever challenged. I firmly believe that we should know how to take care of ourselves and loved ones if any of these societal structures are jeopardized. Municipal constructs can easily fail from natural disasters, power outages, and political upheavals. How prepared are you if your family loses access to water, fuel, or electricity?

Regina Cal with her off grid watering system for her homestead garden, and crop fortress. Big blue truck in the background.

My off grid watering system for my homestead garden. 

Now, instead of dwelling on what can go wrong, I suggest putting your mind to what can go right. There are so many ways to prepare and become more self-sufficient that doesn't require owning a sprawling property or becoming a bushmaster. Start with little things, like creating a bug out bag, learning to grow herbs and produce indoors, or growing a garden instead of mowing a lawn are all be simple ways you can become more independent from the system. 

I hope you find my website informative and entertaining. 

Regina Cal, Rustic Skills 

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