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Regina Cal, professional prospector, rockhounder, and wilderness survivalist

Welcome to Rustic Skills! 

I am Regina Cal, homesteader, rockhounder, and wilderness adventurer here in the Southeastern region of Arizona.

I live on 30 acres of land, wooded with mesquites and surrounded by mountains. I raise goats, ducks, have an expansive garden, and use solar power.

When I am not homesteading, I am working on my wilderness survival skills in the nearby mountains. I also have an affinity for finding gems and minerals in Arizona.

Join me on a journey of self-sufficiency, independence, freedom and adventure in Arizona's backcountry!

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Most Popular Articles

Arizona Gemstone Guide

Arizona Gemstone and Rockhound Guide

Arizona is a rockhounder's paradise! This is one of the top states to look for amazing gemstones, such as turquoise, peridot, amethyst, and agates. 

In this guide, I talk about the infamous gemstones of Arizona, potential locations where you can find them, and I also include a gallery of gemstones for each type. 

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wilderness survival skills

Must-Have Wilderness Survival Skills For Outdoor Preparedness

When venturing into the great outdoors, being prepared with wilderness survival skills is absolutely crucial.

This comprehensive guide covers the essential knowhow for both short-term survival situations and self-reliance skills needed to endure extended wilderness emergencies lasting weeks or even years if crisis struck. 

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Off-Grid Water Systems for Homesteaders

In this comprehensive article, you will learn all the ways you can provide water to your homestead, beyond just putting in a traditional well. 

Even if you don't have access to water on your property, there are many unconventional ways to get water to your homestead. 

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