About Rustic Skills

Hi, I am Regina, the creator and producer of Rustic Skills. 

I started Rustic Skills in 2018 as I was inspired to become more self-sufficient and live the off grid lifestyle of my dreams. I began searching for information on how to go off the grid, but everything I found was fragmented and vague. So I decided to create my own website where I published all of my own research on homesteading. 

Fast forward to 2020 and I purchased my 30 acre parcel in southern Arizona. Its been three years that I have become a homesteader and I have learned so much valuable information, and I have poured this information through articles, videos and podcasts. 

I am now a seasoned homesteader and have experience with solar power systems, off grid water systems, waste management, and homestead gardening. I have also learned a lot about land management, zoning laws, permitting, and county land assessment. 

My favorite thing about being a homesteader is being self reliant on my own land and also conserving resources. I make my own power, have my own well, and grow my own food. I do a lot of composting and reusing of materials. 

I feel much closer to nature on my property and I get to leave a peaceful and rewarding life. 

Another topic that I have done much research in is survival. I am very well studied in wilderness survival skills and prepping. I believe it is very important to be prepared for any number of natural and manmade disasters, along with being able to survive in a wilderness setting.

I invite you to research my website, visit my YouTube channel, and listen to my blog. 

I believe that our world is changing rapidly and the one thing we can control is ourselves and our land, and how we use our resources. 

So join me on becoming an off grid person, or simply become a little more prepared in your everyday life.